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Here’s what a few satisfied patient’s are saying about their experience at Campus Chiropractic


I have had nothing short of a great experience at Campus Chiropractic. I am a former collegiate athlete that has undergone cervical vertebrae surgery at a young age and I continue to experience neck and back pain.  Every visit at Campus Chiropractic has reduced pain and stress levels, and improved my overall mood. I am a firm believer in Dr. Janowski’s philosophy that chiropractic care should be routine in nature and is necessary to alleviate the cause of pain, as well as, helping to achieve an overall level of wellness. In my opinion, Dr. J’s commitment to his philosophy is reflected in his business plan, as he provides a fee schedule that is conducive to obtaining routine care.  Thank you Dr. J for the treatment and care you continue to provide me.

Sincerely, Tim C.

I have been attending Campus Chiropractic for a little over a year now. When I started looking for a chiropractor in the Syracuse area it was hard to find someone who was affordable and close to campus because I did not have flexible transportation. Campus Chiropractic has a great location but also a great deal for the superb service that you receive. Dr. J (and Wendy at the front!) are genuine and care about their patients. The office is so welcoming.  Additionally, Dr. J adjusts my back and makes me ready for my busy schedule. He eliminates the pain I have which allows me to work at my best physical state. I am so glad that I have found Campus Chiropractic while attending Syracuse University. If you are stressed or your back simply hurts, Dr. J and Campus Chiropractic is the place to be. 

Nicole F.
Syracuse University | Class of 2014

"Starting care at Campus Chiropractic was by far one of the best decisions I have made since coming to Syracuse University. It is evident to me each time I walk in his office that Dr Janowski truly cares about his patients. His services are inexpensive, speedy but well-done, and have a positive effect on not just my back and neck pain but my overall health as well. I would strongly recommend Campus Chiropractic to Syracuse students and community members!"

Hannah  F.

"Dr. J's practice is the best chiropractic service I have ever had the pleasure of being a member. Dr. J is very kind and considerate. My experience with the 'Doc' as I called him, was so great that I compare all chiropractic services to his, had I not moved to another state, I would be exclusively going to see Dr. J.  Dr. J and Wendy, are very understanding and very flexible. I loved the walk-ins only service and the great value. The cost is easy for a graduate student. If you're looking for a great treatment with a highly qualified doctor willing to teach you how to avoid injury in the future AND you don't buy into the fancy bells and whistles that other doctors over charge you for, Dr. J is the right guy for you. If you're also used to feeling like part of a community, a family, with those whom you do business you're sure to find it here." 

All the Best, Alicen

Campus Chiropractic has been wonderful for me. Dr. Don Janowski is a very skilled chiropractor, and the way he has set up his practice makes it by far the most affordable chiropractic adjustment I have ever received. The location in the Marshall Street Mall and the fact that he takes walk-ins makes it incredibly convenient from the Syracuse University campus, as well as from the VA, Crouse, and University hospitals. The office is clean, and Dr. Janowski is extremely professional. I'm thankful he is on the Hill. –

Greg M.,
Syracuse University student



“Dr. J is awesome! He takes time to explain things however, understands that students are on a time crunch. The office is professional and extremely convenient. My neck was so tight prior to working with Dr. J but with every adjustment I really could tell I was getting better. Dr. J is committed to providing excellent care to every patient.  I highly recommend this office to anyone in search of a Chiropractor.”

Erica M.

I have always had a problematic pain due to spinal issues.  When I came back for the Fall semester, I could barely walk.  I was happy to find a chiropractic option which was reasonable enough to come several times a week and I did just that!  Dr. J helped to encourage me to keep coming.  In the past, I have felt shamed by other chiropractors for my failure to continue treatment but Dr. J did not make me feel pressured.  The lack of need for appointments actually made me more confident that I would come back!  Every time I walk into the office, Dr. J and Wendy both welcome me with a smile!  They have created a peaceful retreat from the chaos that can be Syracuse University.  Dr. J is a wonderful doctor.  My back has never felt better!  It is with the utmost exuberance that I would recommend anyone to go, to RUN, to Campus Chiropractic.  You will be treated with respect and be made to feel like a person whose needs are important and whose problem can be solved.

All my Best,
Ashley S. M.


I have suffered from periodic back spasms since I injured myself playing rugby in college, and have long been a firm believer in the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in both the prevention of and recovery from the symptoms that plague me from time to time. It’s difficult, however, to find a practitioner who is not only capable of treating my problem but conveniently located—not to mention reasonably priced, since my health insurance requires a fairly high copayment for non-allopathic therapies.

Campus Chiropractic has been a godsend. Dr. D. Janowski is a complete professional in a field that is as much an art as a science, and having his practice just a short walk from my office on campus means that I can get an adjustment whenever I feel I need it—and at a price that is 40% less than my insurance copay.  It’s amazing to get out of bed pain-free every day for the first time in years!

Eric J

"After experiencing pain from a back injury I started seeing Dr. Janowski.  The treatment he has provided me with has made a world of difference. The office is always clean and the people are always friendly, Campus Chiropractic is the best!"
 Andrew R.
I first stumbled onto Dr. J because Campus Chiropractic is very convenient to my work. I could walk over on my lunch hour or during a break in the day. I have a chronic neck condition, and the fact that his practice allows me to pop over and see him at almost any time without needing an appointment is very comforting. I always leave feeling better. Both Dr. J. and Wendy are very friendly, and responsive. During my first appointment, he took extra time to get to know me and my problem, and always remembers and tracks my progress week to week, and adjusts my treatment as needed. I recommend him to all my friends and family.
C. M.